Austin TX Large Warehouse Space for rent

Here is the page to view  Large Warehouse Spaces for Rent in  Central Texas to Georgetown and South to San Marcos Texas. Properties starting at 6,000 SF.

Locations- SubmarketsSquare footage range
Quoted 6,000-40,000+SF
Lease rate range by square foot per Month may have NNN or not . FS-Full Serv# of Avail Warehouse spaces listed:
Updated for April 2021
East and Central6,298-37,399$0.70- $1.33+ NNN16 Warehouse spaces Available Down -3
Far NE , Round Rock, Georgetown, Northeast and North6,000-36,750$0.80+ NNN -$1.43 NNN62 Warehouse spaces Available Down -6

Northwest, Cedar Park, Far Northwest - North Central6,150-50,000+$0.90-$1.10 + NNN22 Warehouse spaces Available Down -5
Southwest 7,541$1.29+NNN 1 Warehouse for Lease
No change
Southeast , Hays Cty, South 6,623-50,000+$0.50 NNN -$1.29MG76 Warehouse spaces Available New inventory on the market

s Finding a Large Warehouse Space to Rent 

6,000-40,000+ SF

Large warehouse inventories change daily and the lease rate information contained in our chart system below is market data for current listings in the Austin market for a current month.  If you are a tenant that requires large warehouse space for lease, contact Shire Commercial so that you can benefit from expertise since 2004.  Providing your business with accurate market surveys so it allows you to gather comprehensive information along with experienced negotiation strategies.  How well do we perform?  For the past 15+ yrs we have been helping our Clients find and execute leases on large warehouses in Central Texas.  You can check our historical results as well, which provides you a snapshot of our ability to help your business today.

Large Warehouse Spaces for Lease  | Qualifiers for Tenants 

As a business if your needs require 3 Phase power (high power) , several Dock high doors, truck courts,  higher ceilings, cross docks, more parking area , and storage yards. These are the types of warehouses that may suit your needs.  You also may need a larger percentage of office vs warehouse , or vice versa. Usages such as warehouse distribution, manufacturing, R&D are typical for this type of industrial solution.

Market Overview- Lease Rates for Large Warehouses

Moving into June,  the Southeast, South and NE Markets continue to have more inventory. We are expecting some market turns due to the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent shutdown.  Near term things have slowed to halted. When construction resumes we expect a new supply of large warehouse spaces from  6,000-40,000SF. The long term forecast is for positive inventory for this type of warehouse property solution in Austin and Central Texas.  Lease rates are holding steady as well moving into the first quarter of 2020.Markets in the year (2018)  for larger warehouse properties was much tighter than it was for 2019  (excluding the new construction). More Austin warehouse related news. 

Vacancy rates are running near or below 10% overall in the Austin area.   To reiterate, although the warehouse market is tighter, these types of warehouses bode a bit better than the warehouse properties that are 5,000SF or less.  Over the past year, for the most part large warehouse space has had better availaibilty starting at 10,000SF and higher.  Contact us today for a free assessment and analysis  to help you find the best large warehouse solution for your business needs.

Large Warehouse Space Austin TX


Large Warehouse Space Layouts 6,000-40,000+SF

Office-Showroom Warehouses

Office Showroom Warehouse that requires:

18 Wheeler Access

More Parking

High Power such as 3 Phase

Storage Yard area or Fenced areas

Lower percentage of office and mostly warehouse

Warehouse area tends to not have HVAC

Access doors: Dock high, half dock or a combination of Grade and Dock high.


Office-Warehouse Distribution Space

Office Warehouse distribution space | R&D 

Deeper Bays

Wider column widths to no columns

More parking

Yard access and/or fenced areas

Access: Dock high, Grade, Half Dock, Combination of Dock and Grade Level

Ceiling heights at 18′ minimums and up

Typically use of forklifts

Warehouse areas tend to be no HVAC

Small percentage to higher percentage of office area


Bulk Warehouse- Large STorage Areas

Bulk Warehouse Space

Large storage areas

Deep Bays

Access: Dock high doors

Little to no office area

Warehouse areas typically do not have HVAC

Lowest lease rate type warehouses

No need for high power

High ceilings  starting at 20′ and up