Warehouse Transactions Completed

Examples of our Client’s successful transactions since 2004 for Warehouse property leasing and purchases in Central Texas.

Negotiation Experience = Warehouse Transactions Completed

Can we get the job done for you? Whether you are a buyer or a tenant, you should work with a specialist in a field of expertise , not a generalist. What are the advantages for you? When you work with a specialist, it means you are working with a specialist with expertise for a specific type of property , it’s pretty tough to be really good at everything, wouldn’t you agree? A reasonable goal for you is to have your business needs met as quickly and seamlessly as possible.  Can we  complete  all warehouse transactions in the Austin area that comes our way? The truth is no,  it is a small percentage around 5% or less that don’t close,  sometimes factors such as credit, warehouse supply in tight markets , too low of a  lease term, and other factors will impact the possibility to help clients.  To repeat, these are rare because you are working with a commercial real estate broker who does not give up once we are engaged with you as a client – broker.

Chart of Successful Warehouse Transactions since 2004

Below are some but not all of the examples of successful warehouse transactions that have executed  leases and purchases completed for clients. Clients receive real experience since 2004 from detailed surveys, tours in person, negotiation strategies and market intelligence provided exclusively for Clients who are Buyers and Tenants that were looking for warehouse properties in the Austin area. What is required take to be a Client?




Completed Warehouse Lease and Purchase Transactions

LocationSquare FootageLease or Purchase Completed with Clients
Round Rock - Contractor - painter1,167 SFLease completed 5 yrs , atypical lease for a startup. Term minimum had to be met and good credit.
Austin Northwest27,700Lease completed 5 yrs
Logistics - Delivery company
North Central Austin12,500 SFLease completed 10 yrs Lighting company
North Central Austin3,897 SFLease Completed 5 yr term Garage door distributor
Northeast Pflugerville Lease completed9,983 SFLease completed 5 yr term- Car Racing
Listing Lease completed
North Central Austin
Dungan Lane
10,850 SFLease completed 7 yr term
1515 Dungan Lane
Listing - Lease completed
North Central Austin
Dungan Lane
3599 SFLease Completed 3 yr term (listing by Shire Commercial) 1515 Dungan Lane
Taylor Texas8000SFPurchase Completed $450,000
North Central Austin- Transmission supply10,000 SFLease completed 3 yr term New Construction
South Austin -Roofing Contractor8000 SFPurchase completed $1.45M
Northwest Austin- Investment and Owner User5940 SF and 2960 SFPurchases completed $730,000 & $355,000
North Central - Brown Lane10,000SFLease completed, Transmission distributor within 30 days 2017
Southwest Austin Listing3750Listing- Lease completed within 3 days 2017
Northwest Austin3638Lease completed- expansion 2017
Tangelwood Business Park33,000Listing: took to 100% Lease up
Tanglewood Business Park
HVAC business
12,000Lease completed
Tanglewood Business Park
Kitchen maint business
3,000Lease completed
Tanglewood Business Park
Indoor playground
8,000Lease completed
Tanglewood Business Park
Roller Rink
10,000 Lease completed
South Austin
Solar business
3,000Lease completed
CBD - boxing academy4000Lease completed
Circle Drive - Event planner5000Lease completed
Todd Lane
Baseball training
6,800Lease completed
Rutland and Burnet Rd
Martial Arts
5,000Lease completed
San Marcos
Percussion distributor
5,000Lease completed
Bottled Water Business
18,950Lease completed
Burleson Road
Martial Arts
2,900Lease completed
Southwest Austin
Indoor playground
12,000Lease completed
Montopolis Drive
Backpacking business
2,500Lease completed
North East
Race Cars
8,300Lease completed
Textbook business
3500Lease completed
Glass business
6,000Lease completed
Staining Business
6,930Lease completed
Hutto Warehouse
Toy business
5,000Purchase completed
Foreclosure Warehouse
5,500Purchase at $440,000 completed
Round Rock Development Warehouse- Martial Arts7,500Land purchase and development $800,000
SW Austin4,650Lease completed $1.10 psf with TI
Leander Warehouse - Baseball cages6,000Lease completed
N Lamar
6,260Purchase $365,000 completed
Buda Texas6,000Purchase $610,000 completed
Florence Warehouse
Lubrication and chemicals
6,000Purchase $315,000 completed
Austin Texas
15,000Lease completed 2016
5 yr term
Austin Texas
Office-Warehouse 100% HVAC
7500Lease completed 2016
5 yr term
Round Rock Texas
4553Lease completed 2016
3 yr term
Austin Texas
Office Warehouse
3600Lease Renewal completed 2016 3 yr term