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Austin warehouse construction | Q2 2017

Austin warehouse construction growing With Austin’s industrial market still below 10% for the past year , Austin warehouse construction is starting to see some emphasis. For the most recent quarter, occupancy rates remained the same with still positive occupancy.  New Austin warehouse construction delivered during the 2nd quarter of 2017. Most of the new construction was delivered in the...

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Austin Warehouse Market | Q1 2017

Austin Warehouse Market | Q1 2017 Here is quarterly report for the Austin warehouse market at the end of March 2017.  Current vacancies have remained relatively the same at 7%  with occupancies continuing to stay very high in the Austin Texas and Central Texas area.  Market fundamentals remain strong and average asking rents have increased since last quarter up $0.12 cents per square foot per...

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Warehouse Update

Warehouse Property | Texas Triangle Dallas Houston San Antonio With the exception of San Antonio, the Texas Triangle reached it’s lowest point of new construction since the 1990’s. The following is a warehouse update on what is going on in the Texas Triangle area.  Austin and Dallas hit their lows for warehouse properties in the months of May and October in 1992 with Houston to...

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Austin Warehouse Market Update

Austin Warehouse Market Update – May 2016 The Austin warehouse market continues to drive vacancies lower and demand remains strong.  Moving into the 2nd quarter of 2016, the warehouse market in Austin to move lower by another 1%. Currently the warehouse vacancy rate is at 7% , this is level that has not been seen since the tech explosion in the late 90’s. Of all the sub-markets in...

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Purchase an Austin Warehouse

Purchase an Austin Warehouse Would you like to know as a Buyer, the best ways to implement a plan to purchase an Austin warehouse? Buyers have a few options that can help them purchase a warehouse with more efficiency. Here are some strategies to implement to save time , money  and effort on your part and the commercial real estate broker’s part as well. What comes first? Money or the...

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Pricing a warehouse for sale

Pricing a warehouse for sale in Austin, Texas Market conditions directly affect pricing a warehouse for sale So what is essential in determining the value of a warehouse that you want to sell? Let’s just start with a discussion that most folks are familiar with such as a residential home.  When a listing agent sells a home for a homeowner, the first key is the supply and demand that is...

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