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Austin warehouse report Q3 2018

Austin Warehouse Report Q3 2018 Here is the Austin Warehouse Report for Q3 2018 , area wise the lease rates for warehouse properties overall increased to $10 per square foot per year. Additional inventory has been added to the warehouse market in Austin.  There is still approximately over 1M square feet anticipated to be delivered to the Austin market.  Most new development is South in Hays...

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Austin Warehouse Report | Q1 2018

Austin Warehouse Report-Summary for Q1 2018 In a nutshell, the word for the Austin warehouse report is more development and deliveries.  Approximately 20+% inventory has been delivered within the past 5 quarters than a period of 6 years.  Most of the new inventory has been in the Southeast warehouse market , with more developments occurring in the Northeast sub-market of Austin towards Hutto. ...

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Renting a warehouse

Renting a Warehouse in Austin? What is involved in renting a warehouse? If you are a new business and this is your first run at a warehouse or perhaps you are a young company moving from one warehouse property to the next this blog is for you.  Renting a warehouse is not just a process of finding something on the internet and cutting a deal. If it was that simple, then a commercial real estate...

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Austin warehouse construction | Q2 2017

Austin warehouse construction growing With Austin’s industrial market still below 10% for the past year , Austin warehouse construction is starting to see some emphasis. For the most recent quarter, occupancy rates remained the same with still positive occupancy.  New Austin warehouse construction delivered during the 2nd quarter of 2017. Most of the new construction was delivered in the...

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Austin Warehouse Market | Q1 2017

Austin Warehouse Market | Q1 2017 Here is quarterly report for the Austin warehouse market at the end of March 2017.  Current vacancies have remained relatively the same at 7%  with occupancies continuing to stay very high in the Austin Texas and Central Texas area.  Market fundamentals remain strong and average asking rents have increased since last quarter up $0.12 cents per square foot per...

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Austin Warehouse Market |Q2 2016

Austin Warehouse Market | Q2 2016 Here is a summary of the Austin warehouse market for the 2nd quarter in 2016, it is looking like we are headed for a 20 yr low for vacancies. Current vacancy rates in the Austin area are coming in at below 7 percent currently at 6.7%. There is alot of corporate interest in Austin and the city’s incentives to get the attention of large corporations. Most...

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