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Austin Warehouse Market Q4 2017

Austin Warehouse Market Wrap up Q4 2017 Let’s wrap up  with the following Austin warehouse market ending Q4 2017, which can be summed up in a short statement “low supply and higher demands”. For the 2017 year, overall the warehouse market in Austin stayed for the most part under 10% vacancy rates.  Higher demand pushed lease rates up higher and asking sales prices of...

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Austin warehouse construction | Q2 2017

Austin warehouse construction growing With Austin’s industrial market still below 10% for the past year , Austin warehouse construction is starting to see some emphasis. For the most recent quarter, occupancy rates remained the same with still positive occupancy.  New Austin warehouse construction delivered during the 2nd quarter of 2017. Most of the new construction was delivered in the...

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Austin Warehouse Market Update

Austin Warehouse Market Update – May 2016 The Austin warehouse market continues to drive vacancies lower and demand remains strong.  Moving into the 2nd quarter of 2016, the warehouse market in Austin to move lower by another 1%. Currently the warehouse vacancy rate is at 7% , this is level that has not been seen since the tech explosion in the late 90’s. Of all the sub-markets in...

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Austin Warehouse Market 2016

Austin Warehouse Market Report Summary 2016 The Austin warehouse property market continues to move towards lower vacancies and high demand especially for lower square footage properties. Any tenant expecting “a deal” on a 2 year or less commitment should forget about it, it won’t happen near term. Just telling the truth folks, of course you can always find this out on your own...

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Warehouse Rent Austin

What is the forecast for a warehouse rent in Austin? The average quoted asking rental rate for warehouse properties was $7.67 per square foot per year at the end of the first quarter 2014 in the Austin market area. This represented a 5.6% increase in rents from the end of the fourth quarter 2013, when  lease rates were at $7.26 per square foot.The average quoted rate within the Flex warehouse...

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Office Warehouse Space Rent 2014

Office Warehouse Space Rent 2014   Flex warehouse versus office warehouse What are the rents like for Austin office warehouse space moving into 2014?  As a tenant, you should know that flex warehouse space can be used as well for a solution for your business. The difference between flex and office warehouse?  Flex space can be configured to be 100% office area with a small warehouse area or a...

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