Small Warehouses for Lease & Lease Rates

Small Warehouses for Lease in Austin

You can use the chart below to see where the most active listings for small warehouses for lease in Austin.  An Austin small warehouse  for lease is categorized as a warehouse property that has less than 6,000 square feet but larger than 3,500 SF of space available.

As you can see by the updated data chart, this information is updated frequently so it is a fairly accurate snapshot of small warehouses in the Austin area for lease along with their respective leasing rates.Things  do change quickly so if you do not see what you are looking for please contact us to help you find the right deal.  As a Client, you will benefit from over 14+ years of experience and a more effective and efficient response , unlike other brokers. You will get specialization strategies and actions helping you with warehouse leasing and purchases in Central Texas.

Small Warehouse Leasing Rates in Austin

Updated for January 2019, within the 3,500 to 6,000 SF  active listings are still  very tight, a tenant should not expect a lot of choices depending on the sub-market they choose to be located in (currently more inventory in South and NE Austin)  will directly impact lease rates.  Small Warehouse space below 5000SF with a dock high are not as plentiful, tenants should be very flexible on location requirements.  **If you are searching for Small Warehouses for lease below 4,000 SF, it does requires a minimum 3 yr term commitment to utilize our brokerage services** Inventory does change as quickly as one day. If you don’t see what you are looking for call us to see what we can uncover for you. If you are a tenant looking to lease a larger warehouse , or if you want to purchase a warehouse property in Austin, click on the buttons below the information charts for current market data.


Austin Small Warehouse Data

Austin Warehouse Space for Lease & Leasing Rates

Austin, TX Warehouses for Lease 3,500-6,000SF January

Locations-By SubmarketSq. Feet Range
(does not include divisible)
Asking Lease Rates- Per Month,
May or May not have NNN
#of Avail Properties- for Lease
Updated for Jan 2019
Central and East 2,250-4,918$0.60+ NNN-$1.33+ NNN11 Warehouse or Flex spaces
Northeast and North3,644-6,000
* Small spaces below 4,000 SF require a 3 yr term*
$0.50 + NNN-$1.50 + NNN23 Warehouse or Flex spaces for lease
Far Northwest and Northwest 2,000-4,875
*Small spaces below 4,000 SF require a 3 yr term*
$1.15+ NNN-$1.33 + NNN12 Warehouse or Flex properties avail
South and Hays Cty3,500-6,000$0.75+ NNN-$1.25 NNN46 Warehouse spaces
*Small warehouse spaces below 4,000 SF require a 3 yr term minimum*
$0.58-$1.338 Warehouse spaces for lease

Austin Warehouse Properties for Sale




     Austin Warehouse Transactions Done by Shire CommercialAustin warehouses 6,000-20,000+ SF




 Flex Warehouse Space

Flex warehouse space is one type of warehouse that attracts tenants who choose to occupy these properties primarily as a lower cost office based solution or fully air-conditioned office warehouse solution. From an office solution standpoint, these warehouse properties provide drop ceilings, 100% HVAC and more office area than the traditional office-warehouse.  Typically lease rates for these types of solutions are higher than an office-warehouse, they typically start leasing at $1.00 plus per square foot per month for 2018.

Office-Warehouse Distribution Space

Office-Warehouse distribution space is typically used for tenants seeking larger storage bays along with some office area, although there are times when a tenant needs an office-showroom type warehouse configuration. Typically, these warehouse solutions start with ceiling heights of 18′ and up , depending on the size they may have half docks or dock high door accessible entries when the footprint of the warehouse is above 4,000SF. Their leases are typically NNN and start below $1.00 per square foot per month.

Bulk Warehouse Space

Bulk Warehouse space – or simply stated,  warehouse storage space would not categorize itself within a Small Warehouse for lease format, they are utilized primarily for storage with no office and sometimes no restrooms . Bulk warehouse space tends to be large that means 6000 square feet up to 40,000+ square feet and could be used for distribution.  This type of warehouse solution has the lower lease rates than their counterparts but is not as prevalent in the Austin market compared to office warehouse and flex warehouse properties and can be found sometimes within a larger leased space where a tenant took on too much warehouse area.

Office-Showroom Warehouse Space

Office Showroom Warehouse property is primarily used for a Retail like business, tenants that require a warehouse and office area , typically a hot warehouse and air-conditioned office. However, within the office area there are improvements that would allow a business to show their merchandise. Examples could be a flooring business, granite counter-tops, automotive accessories, art etc.. The warehouse properties typically price in the mid range between a flex and an office warehouse solution. There are some small office- warehouse spaces for lease in this area which are below 3500 square feet.

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