Commercial Real Estate Tips

Warehouse Leasing

Warehouse Sub-Market and Square Footage The size of any warehouse space and those within a specific sub-market can  greatly determine the base leasing rate. For warehouse properties, the warehouse leasing rate is derived as a base rate typically that has NNN (triple net expenses) added onto the rate.  Landlords will typically try and want to maximize their rental rates for warehouses to ensure...

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Renting a warehouse

Renting a Warehouse in Austin? What is involved in renting a warehouse? If you are a new business and this is your first run at a warehouse or perhaps you are a young company moving from one warehouse property to the next this blog is for you.  Renting a warehouse is not just a process of finding something on the internet and cutting a deal. If it was that simple, then a commercial real estate...

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Buyer Loyalty

Buyer Loyalty For every buyer a commercial real estate broker works with, we come into contact with another dozen “pretenders”. Buyer loyalty is critical to an effective transaction as well as the commercial real estate broker’s loyalty to the Buyer as their client.  Pretenders use the Broker’s time and effort only to glean information from them and feel no buyer loyalty...

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Tenants in common

Tenants in Common In some commercial real estate markets it is difficult to convert rental apartments due to rent controls and condo conversion laws. Innovative real estate investors have found a way to circumvent the restrictive nature of the market by utilizing tenants in common also referred to as TIC.  Tenants in common is a popular form of joint ownership which creates a hybrid type...

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Warehouse leasing

Warehouse Leasing Warehouses are also listed as industrial property within the commercial real estate industry. What does it take when it comes to making a decision about warehouse leasing for your company?  Do you know what your future needs will be?What about the difference between buying a warehouse versus leasing a warehouse, and utilizing a specialist broker in the warehouse space silo to...

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Austin Warehouse Market 2016

Austin Warehouse Market Report Summary 2016 The Austin warehouse property market continues to move towards lower vacancies and high demand especially for lower square footage properties. Any tenant expecting “a deal” on a 2 year or less commitment should forget about it, it won’t happen near term. Just telling the truth folks, of course you can always find this out on your own...

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Austin Warehouse Space for Lease or Sale