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Austin Warehouse Space | Q2 2018 Market

Austin Warehouse Space Q2 2018 Market Report As Austin’s demands for warehouse space stays steady moving into Q2 2018 , expansion of industrial property is forecasted to continue near term.  In the first quarter, 800,000 SF of new warehouse space has been completed  compared to 124,000 square feet of warehouse space being completed in 2nd quarter.  Most of the recent demand is for...

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Austin Warehouse Market Q4 2017

Austin Warehouse Market Wrap up Q4 2017 Let’s wrap up  with the following Austin warehouse market ending Q4 2017, which can be summed up in a short statement “low supply and higher demands”. For the 2017 year, overall the warehouse market in Austin stayed for the most part under 10% vacancy rates.  Higher demand pushed lease rates up higher and asking sales prices of...

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Austin Industrial Market | Q2 2017

Austin Industrial Market  | Q2 2017 Austin’s industrial market is still fairly tight , vacancies did move upward since the 1st Quarter of 2017. We are still hovering below 9% vacancy rates. In some sub-markets the vacancy rates are as low as 2.2% , currently the Northwest area of Austin has the lowest vacancies. We tend to get a lot of calls regarding industrial space that is below 4000SF...

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Buyer Loyalty

Buyer Loyalty For every buyer a commercial real estate broker works with, we come into contact with another dozen “pretenders”. Buyer loyalty is critical to an effective transaction as well as the commercial real estate broker’s loyalty to the Buyer as their client.  Pretenders use the Broker’s time and effort only to glean information from them and feel no buyer loyalty...

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Austin Warehouse Market Update

Austin Warehouse Market Update – May 2016 The Austin warehouse market continues to drive vacancies lower and demand remains strong.  Moving into the 2nd quarter of 2016, the warehouse market in Austin to move lower by another 1%. Currently the warehouse vacancy rate is at 7% , this is level that has not been seen since the tech explosion in the late 90’s. Of all the sub-markets in...

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Net Lease Investments

Who can invest in Net Lease Investments? A Net leased property can attract a wide variety of buyers, they can be  high net worth individuals to partnerships to large institutional investors like real estate investment trusts, life insurance companies and pension funds. 1031 Exchange buyers are attracted to net lease investments as well. So, what are the benefits of investing into a net lease...

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