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Commercial Buildings For Sale | Purchasing

Commercial Buildings for Sale – Purchasing Case Studies In this blog , we will discuss real time – real experience in purchasing commercial buildings in Austin or anywhere in the United States.  Most buyers may feel that a purchase of a commercial building is a fairly straight forward process, that starts with an internet search, a call to the listing agent , seeing the property and...

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Commercial Real Estate Appraisal

  Overview of Commercial Real Estate Appraisals The appraisal of commercial real estate is without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of commercial real property purchase transactions. The commercial real estate appraisal touches every part of the purchase contract and everyone involved in the purchase or investment process, including buyers, sellers, lenders, borrowers and their...

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Austin office property investment

Austin office property investment Prior to any Austin office property investment, the availability and analysis of neighboring competitive Austin office property should be determined.  Also in the analysis the determination of future trends in very important.  Primary consideration for Austin office property investments should be given by an investor around the demand for space by businesses in...

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Purchase contract to closing flow

Purchase contract to closing flow The following is a summary and basic flow a Buyer can use to understand the process to purchase an office or warehouse property in the Austin area. First steps in purchasing and office or warehouse property Discussions should take place pro-actively with your lender Get pre-approved  or use a mortgage broker Loan application and credit history verified by lender...

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Commercial Property Due Diligence

The average turn time for a commercial real estate environmental study is 3 weeks with a cost of approximately $2000.00.

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Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Investing in Commercial Real Estate Do you get seminars and/or if you watch them about investing in commercial real estate? Some of these presenters  slam all the real estate “experts and gurus” who tell you that those who say “your money is made when you buy” are  totally  wrong. When they say “understand” they  mean “buy my online training...

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