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The following chart represents the latest listing activity for Austin warehouses for sale moving into July 2014. For warehouse market comparisons, the 4th quarter of 2013 within the Austin industrial property for sale market, sales of warehouse properties with 15,000 square feet or more are showing sales volume compared to the first quarter in 2013  increasing. During the second quarter the largest industrial property sales totaled $44,452,00 which consisted of 2 warehouse buildings.


Warehouses for Sale -Chart for Buyers

Average asking prices of Austin warehouses for sale  equated to $90.21 per square foot , compared to a first quarter average sales price of $86.68 for 2013. Warehouse properties for sale averages change depending on the sub-market they are located. Areas  that surround Austin for warehouse space that is for sale  continue to have the best asking prices and deals. Warehouse properties for sale inventory currently is evenly spread,even though it is tight. In the  18,000 square feet and higher there is more inventory. Contact us today via email or phone so you can take advantage of our market knowledge to find you the right warehouse property.

Austin Warehouse Transactions Done by Shire Commercial

Sq. Feet Range
Warehouse Space and Flex Warehouse for Sale Availability
Asking Price Ranges
August 2014 Update
Austin, North , Northwest , Northeast , Far South , Far SE2,600-4,94018 Warehouse properties for sale
Low $250,000
High $700,000
Austin, Northwest, Far NW , North, SW , Far SE5,152-10,00019 Warehouse properties for sale -
Low $260,000
High $3.5M
Austin, Far NW , North, Far South and South 10,000-18,00015 Warehouse properties for sale
Low $495,000
High $2.2M
Austin, North , Northwest , Far North , South18,000-40,00023 Warehouse properties for sale
Low $675,000
High $3.2M


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