Austin, TX Warehouses For Lease 6,000-40,000+ Sq. Feet

Austin Warehouse Space 6,000-40,000+ SF | Lease

The following lease chart represents large warehouse property for lease in Austin, TX starting at 6,000-40,000+ Sq Ft and higher.   Austin warehouse properties  change daily and the  lease rate information within the chart below is accurate within the past 30 days.  Clients utilizing our services will be able to benefit from search and negotiation strategies based on our historical results with other clients and the knowledge we possess about leasing  Austin warehouse space ranging from 6,000-40,000 plus square feet.

Shire Commercial specializes in tracking Austin warehouse space 6,000-40,000+ SF for lease, you can check various sub-market locations, rates and asking prices on this website. The market for warehouse property is much tighter than in the past and vacancies are running  near or below 10% in the Austin Metro area moving into 2017, if you don’t see what you are looking for call us today for a free analysis, availability changes daily.

The warehouse lease market for Austin warehouse space 6,000-40,000+ SF   for the beginning of 2017 has higher inventory on larger industrial properties than it does for the smaller warehouses in the area. Contact us today so we can help you find the right property, the market is continuing to have higher demands and availability does change quickly.


Current Austin Warehouse Inventory Overview 6,000-40,000+ SF

Locations- SubmarketsSquare footage range
Quoted 6,000-40,000+SF
Lease rate range by square foot per Month without NNN expenses # of Avail Warehouse spaces listed:
Updated for November
Far South 6,220-25,000$0.63-$1.2543 Warehouse spaces available
North East

6,600- 43,000+


43 Warehouses Avail

9 Warehouses Avail
Southeast 5,722-50,000$0.48-$1.0037 Warehouse spaces available
Southwest 6,704-13,000$0.90-$1.054 Warehouse spaces available


Warehouses for lease in Austin, TX 3,500-6,000 SFAustin Warehouse Properties for Sale


Austin Warehouse Transactions Done by Shire Commercial



If you are a tenant, and you would like to lease a smaller warehouse or you would like to purchase a warehouse, click on the buttons above for current market data.

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