Warehouse Specs in Austin

Warehouse Specs in Austin Texas

Most tenants know what type of warehouse spaces they would like to occupy for their business, there are several types of warehouses in Austin and in this page we will define the differences for you.  The designation for warehouse properties falls into the category of Industrial for starters.  A tenant or buyer should have a good foundational knowledge of what they are looking for so a search with Shire Commercial can be more efficient and effective.

Types of Warehouse Space to Lease or PurchaseNorthwest Austin Warehouse Space

Distribution Warehouses :  These warehouse properties are typically layed out with office areas and storage space in the warehouse area. Companies that manufacture or sell finished products would utilize these types of warehouse properties Typcially, based on the square footage these properties will have semi-dock or full dock door accessbility to the warehouse area. Most warehouse areas in Austin are not air-conditioned which would be an important consideration based on the types of products being stored in the warehouse space.  If you need 18 wheeler access, it is very difficult to obtain a warehouse -distribution property under 5000SF with a dock door.  If you require grade- level access, then the potential to find a smaller warehouse less than 5000SF becomes more opportunistic.  This type of warehouse can also be Retail, although retail typically likes to utilize a showroom space within the facility as well.

Flex Space Warehouses : These warehouse properties have become popular for verstaile companies that need 100% HVAC in their space , unlike the distribution warehouses these properties are called flex spaces because they provide more flexibility and also typically come with more square footage for office area, conf rooms etc than a standard warehouse space. The lease rates on these types of properties tends to be $0.20 cents higher per month than the standard type warehouse product.  Ceiling heights in flex spaces are not as high as standard distribution or bulk warehouse properties in Austin.

Research and Development Warehouse:  These types of warehouse properties can be a combination of the properties mentioned above. Typically the parking required for a large R&D type company is fairly extensive, which means the square footage required is 10,000 up t0 40,000+ square feet of warehouse space.

Warehouses for Manufacturing:  Companies that manufacture products from granite , to chemicals , etc require this type of warheouse space.  Typcially, the power required for this warehouse is 3 Phase power or in the industry called “heavy power”.  The requirements for these properties include higher ceilings, dock high door accesses, office areas and potential unique add-ons such as drainage, extra water etc..

Bulk Warehouses:  This is the simplest type of warehouse property , think of it as “storage only” or a large garage.  Bulk warehouse space in Austin is not as plentiful as the other types of industrial properties , however it does exist and typically ranges in the higher square footage ranges of 10,000 square feet and higher. Lease rates for these types of warehouse properties are the lowest rates of the family which can get as low as $.040 cents per square foot per month depending on the sub-market in which it is located.


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