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Here is “an market overview look” industrial properties for sale in Austin  This page also contains lots of informative articles about purchasing commercial real estate and warehouses for sale. The more information you have as a Buyer, the better off you are because you will stay more informed than other Buyers in the market. When you choose to team up with a specialist like Shire Commercial, your direct benefits will be the added knowledge of a commercial real estate broker who has worked with Buyers since 2004 finding and closing on warehouse property for sale in Austin.  Contact us today to get started. The first step in any property acquisition is to determine if you have the funds to make the transaction happen, if it is a cash purchase that is a different story, before you contact Shire Commercial please make sure you have a pre-approval or discussions with your lenders of choice. Shire Commercial can provide you a list of lenders to contact as well if you are having issues.

2018 Overview for Industrial Property for Sale in Austin

As we move into 2018, it is looking alot like 2017 : Low inventory, more inventory with larger warehouse spaces in the Austin area, however the big picture for Q1 shows most inventories are below 10 property listings. Where will a buyer find the best value for their dollar at this point, let’s be straight that the current Austin market is not priced cheaply. Outlying and tertiary areas are providing better values , if a company is needing an industrial property closer to the Austin area, they should expect to pay higher prices starting at minimums of at least $110 psf and up.


Market Data 2013: For the 4th quarter of 2013 within the Austin industrial property for sale market, sales of warehouse properties with 15,000 square feet or more are showing the dollar volume compared to the first quarter in 2013  increasing. During the second quarter the largest industrial property sales totaled $44,452,00 which consisted of 2 warehouse buildings.

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Austin warehouse construction | Q2 2017

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Austin warehouse construction growing

With Austin’s industrial market still below 10% for the past year , Austin warehouse construction is starting to see some emphasis. For the most recent quarter, occupancy rates remained the same with still positive occupancy.  New Austin warehouse construction delivered during the 2nd quarter of 2017. Most of the new construction was delivered in the Southeast sub-market. The SE sub-market has always been one of the highest concentrations of industrial product for the Austin area.  Of the 800,000+ SF of warehouse construction, 80% of it was done in the Southeastern part of the warehouse market. Developers are still looking to develop more warehouse properties with an additional 400,000+ SF of product.

Sub-Markets and concentration of inventoryAustin Land Development

The Southeast sub-market is very popular due to its proximity to Interstate 35 , Highway 71 and Austin Bergstrom Airport. The top performing sub-market by popularity for the 2nd quarter of 2017 was Hays County and Round Rock.  Shire Commercial is currently working with a developer to develop in Northeast Austin towards the Hutto sub-market where inventory is not in high supply.  Regarding inventory concentrations, if you are a Buyer and looking for warehouse properties for sale , inventory still remains fairly tight.  Stand-alone warehouses with small footprints and a yard are difficult to locate and requires a buyer to look in secondary markets or small towns typically. Pricing for warehouses will remain higher for the near-future.  Lease rates are fairly static and not moving off their highs for 2017 and we expect this to continue thru the third quarter until more inventory is put onto the market and demand winds down a bit.

Austin Warehouse Market | Q1 2017

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Austin Warehouse Market | Q1 2017

Here is quarterly report for the Austin warehouse market at the end of March 2017.  Current vacancies have remained relatively the same at 7%  with occupancies continuing to stay very high in the Austin Texas and Central Texas area.  Market fundamentals remain strong and average asking rents have increased since last quarter up $0.12 cents per square foot per year.  Demand continues and supply of  warehouse properties under 5000SF  has become even tighter. As a tenant looking to lease a property in the Austin warehouse market, maximum flexibility is required. Landlord’s today are looking for longer term deals, 2 yrs will not get much attention depending on the sub-market in which the warehouse property is located. Moving forward, near term projections are more of the same however with new warehouse properties on the market supply should become much better depending on the footprint that a tenant is looking for.

For Sale Warehouse properties for Q1 2017 , remains tight and the best sales prices are in the tertiary sub-markets. More details on : For Sale Properties

Warehouse Construction Projections

With demand continuing for 2017, construction is on the way currently with projections of 1M square feet of space , in Q1 2017, approximately 550,000SF of warehouse space was completed with 50% of new warehouses being supplied to the Southeast sub-market which next to the Northeast area has the highest concentration of warehouse properties in the Austin area.  The Northwest Austin sub-market with one of the lowest vacancies has approx 200,000SF of new construction taking place with the NE area coming in at 110,00 SF.


Warehouse Update

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Warehouse Property | Texas Triangle Dallas Houston San Antonio

With the exception of San Antonio, the Texas Triangle reached it’s lowest point of new construction since the 1990’s. The following is a warehouse update on what is going on in the Texas Triangle area.  Austin and Dallas hit their lows for warehouse properties in the months of May and October in 1992 with Houston to follow in 1993. The most construction for warehouse properties is currently in San Antonio, whereas San Antonio did not hit its low for warehouse properties until February 2011.

Warehouse growth rates come in at 52% from January to November 2015 for San Antonio followed by Austin with 40%. Warehouse properties come in at the most volatile type of commercial property followed by office and then retail. The exception to this general rule of thumb would be Houston that has higher volatile markets in office properties.  Austin registers the lowest volatile office market regarding construction.

Peaks and Troughs

Construction as a rule runs in alignment with booms and busts in the economy , or simply stated supply and demand. For Austin as an example there are always greys, although demand is very high for warehouse property , construction is not as robust because the larger companies and not providing as much demand as the smaller end user or medium sized businesses.  Each construction cycle is a bit different from previous periods due to the external factors imposing their pressure on the industry at the time. Typically a contraction will last longer than an expansion phase. The key here is to watch based on history that lower construction activity is preceding a recession period, is a bit premature to determine if the Texas economy will continue to slow in 2016, however indicators do show a slow down coming.


Austin Warehouse Market Update

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Austin Warehouse Market Update – May 2016

The Austin warehouse market continues to drive vacancies lower and demand remains strong.  Moving into the 2nd quarter of 2016, the warehouse market in Austin to move lower by another 1%. Currently the warehouse vacancy rate is at 7% , this is level that has not been seen since the tech explosion in the late 90’s. Of all the sub-markets in Austin three of them have vacancy rates below 1% thus almost having 100% occupancy. If construction does not take off with more product the rental rates for warehouse space will be at a premium with very little leverage unless a tenant is willing to provide a 5 yr term for some concessions.

What is Under Construction?

At the close of the first quarter of 2016, there were no new warehouse spaces in Austin delivered to the market. CurreNorthwest Austin Warehouse Spacently, there is about 400,000SF of new developments for warehouse property.  With oil prices tanking  manufacturers are battling with higher lease rates than have been seen in the past 5 years within the Austin Market. Austin typically is a destination location for warehouse properties as opposed to a hub for big companies, therefore there is not a huge incentive for developers to add on warehouse property like other cities in the USA. Instead of building more warehouse properties, office buildings are being constructed to cater to the white collar employment demographic of Austin.

To say the least the new development market for industrial properties in Austin is subdued compared to the activity.

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